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Why You Should Visit the Towne Lake Park?

Are you new to McKinney Tx and you’re looking for where to spend quality time with nature why not visit the Towne Lake Park. This park is one of the places in McKinney that have lots of scenic views and wildlife sightings. Still not convinced to visit this park Here are 5 reasons you should visit the lake park. 

It has Scenic Views

Towne Lake Park is famous for its aerial scenic views. The park is covered with lots of beautiful trees and flowers you love to take pictures of. This breathtaking Park has a cool atmosphere that will make you want to spend more time there. The Towne Lake Park has a picnic area with tables to ensure you have a comfortable time picnicking. It also has a volleyball court, swings , slides and more amenities. The park trail is also great for work and jogging. You can take your dog on a walk to explore the hidden gems of the pack. 

You should also check out the Historic Downtown of McKinney while you are here. 

Fun boating Activities

The Towne Lake park is a large suburban Park that has a long lake that’s great for boating. You can rent a boat at the park and enjoy a cruising ride with your buddies. When cruising you see lots of sea creatures like waterfowl, fishes and other aquatic animals.

Wildlife Sightings

If you are a wildlife lover you definitely love this park. Towne Lake Park has different species of fishes and other aquatic creatures. It is a great place to go fishing with your bodies or family members. You could enjoy watching ducks, birds and if you’re lucky you will see a deer. You could also decide to go camping with your friends to get a real feel of the Park wildlife.

Amphitheater for Events

The Towne Lake Park is also an amphitheater for events. It has a spacious and serene environment beautifully canopied with lush green trees and beautiful flowers. Every year the park is used for different programs such as camping programs, concerts and picnic hangout and more.

Dog Park

Another amazing thing about this park is that dogs are allowed. The Towne Lake Park has no restrictions for dogs, you can take your furry friend whenever you visit the park. The park beautiful setting makes it excellent for your dog to enjoy playing fetch and having fun. Your dog can run and play with other dogs at the park. 


Towne Lake Park is a beautiful place to have fun during weekends or holidays. The park has 2 parks your children will love, a lake for boat riding, picnic shelters, and other amenities. The trees at Towne Lake Park are quite beautiful, making it a scenic place to take great photographs you can share with your friends.

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